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One Of My Favorites!

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Cinder - Marissa Meyer

Cinder the novel is one of my favorites! Great book for teens (13-15) if you like books that are an action packed thriller that have a little love in it too. Or a book in my opinion that's just plain great.


Cinder (the main character) is a sixteen year old cyborg "orphan." I call her an "orphan" because it's the best word that describes her situation. Her father handed her to a middle class woman (Adri) and said "take care of her for me." She of course did raise her but she was her servant. Cinder is cyborg and is cyborg because of a tragic nursery fire. The fire was set by Queen Levana. The evil queen. She wasn't queen at the time and felt threatened because it was between her and Cinder to become queen. She wanted the throne so bad that she had to make sure that she would get it. When Cinder was three she set her nursery on fire with her in it. No body was ever recovered so suspicions where made. Is princesses Selene still alive? Of courses we know that she's alive but she only lived because the doctor had made her cyborg. That's the only way she could live, he claimed. Cinder grew up to be a beautiful young lady and is the best mechanic in all the Eastern Common Wealth (where Cinder lives). 


One day a random person shows up at her booth, it turns out that it was prince Kai in his "disguise." He was wondering if Cinder could work on his android, which he named Nancy.She fixed his android for him but found something rather suspicious while fixing it. She found a new chip that's not supposed in that model of an android, in fact it's not in any android. She looked in up on the "net" and found nothing about it. The day she discovered what the chip is made of was the day that Queen Levana came to the Eastern Common Wealth. She came to TECW ( the Eastern Common Wealth) because prince Kai's father had just passed away from the plague. The plague is a disease known as letumosis. You become a victim of letumosis if someone near you has it. The disease was air born and you can catch it very easily. It was a slow painful death for thousands who suffered from it. 


Queen Levana shows up after prince Kai's fathers death from letumosis because she wants to marry Kai. So she can take over the world, potentially. She showed up during Kai's mourning because she knew he would be more vulnerable to say yes during this time.


Levana is from the moon. Everyone who lives on the moon is lunar and can make people think and see what they want them to. She as a lunar used her power in evil ways. Cinder has been working with Dr. Erland because Adri sent her. She said that she was acting up so she sent her to be a test subject for research on finding a cure for letumosis. Dr. Erland took blood tests and used it for his research. Dr. Erland is secretly lunar. His parents escaped from the moon so he would be safe on earth. He knows from Cinders samples that she's lunar, so he spilled the beans about Levana. 


Now Cinder is the only one that can save TECW and potentially the world. Does she do it? Does she get help? Does Levana catch her? Is prince Kai really into Cinder? Read this awesome book that's filled with cliff hangers and mystery to find out.